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Ernesta Vala






 I am an art director and a multi-disciplinary graphic designer. You can take a look at the various works I was working with, from logotypes, designs to big ad campaigns. I am always keen to be the best with any product or campaign I am working with. I was working with many famous and big brands like Akropolis, Swedbank, Jacobs, Danone, KFC, Caffeine, Vilnius Coffee festival,  L'Oréal, Tauras, Stumbras, Vilniaus degtinė, Šiaulių bankas, Subtilu - Z, Arvi, Circle K, Danske Bank, Go Vilnius, Vilniaus duona, Maxima, LTOU, and other smaller boutique brands.

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Contact me if you would like to have new branding, logotype, create a new campaign, poster, or just some marketing ideas.

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